You Choose: Life or death at work (e-course)

The course “You choose” is an example of our custom-made courses. It reviews how to safely operate forklift vehicles in a factory environment. Sør-Norge Aluminium AS is a large Norwegian company that produces aluminium billets. Their goal is to prevent all accidents and injuries. This means their staff of 400 people need constant training in their specialist skills as well as in general safety.

In the course, we present information in short videos. Each video demonstrates a forklift-related accident scenario, clearly showing specific hazards and their origins. After each scenario, the user practices removing those very hazards in interactive exercises. In the making of this course we had to follow the specific needs of the company and at the same time reflect on the strict safety culture prevalent in Norwegian industry in general.

The course is in Norwegian, English, Swedish and Icelandic.

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