Work Permit and Safe Job Analysis (WP & SJA)

This course is a basic course that is developed for those who work in an industrial setting, and who needs to be informed about work permits – or WP’s, and Safe Job Analyses – or SJA for short. This relates to a number of positions and work processes, so it is important that everyone involved are informed about why and how these tasks are to be performed. Work permits and the Safe Job Analyses are the two most important tools for identifying and managing risk in the workplace. Correct use of these tools help ensure that the work is carried out in a safe and secure manner.

The course will cover themes such as when to implement WP and SJA processes, who are to be involved in the WP, and SJA processes, how to complete the processes. In the course we will also identify different roles relating to these processes, and go through the paper work step by step.

This course has a “briefcase” where the different forms and regulations that one may need in everyday work situations can be found. The participant will be asked to solve some problems along the way. This is to keep one active in the learning process, and also to ensure that the participant is learning what is needed along the way, to be prepared for the exam.

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