Hse-Courses (e-courses)

Safety in the workplace is a top priority for industry. One of the world’s leading countries in safety in the workplace is Norway. No person can commence employment unless they have completed a safety course, and large businesses take pride in documentation on their notice boards showing how much time has elapsed since the last occupational accident.

There is a variety of businesses which operate in these areas, and thus there are different needs and requirements for the safety courses. A good safety course is like a tailored suit – in case it was made using someone else’s measurements, it won’t fit well. For that reason we take into consideration each company’s specific circumstances and find a solution that suits the company’s needs.

We have created courses for – and are continuously co-operating with – large Norwegian international companies which have thousands of employees, such as Kværner, Kongsberg, Havyard, Aibel, Apply Leirvik, Sør-Norge Aluminium AS (Søral).

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