Kultuuriklikk (e-course)

Learning a language without delving into the culture of the people who speak that language is a bit pointless. That is why we have created a course which enables you to learn Estonian through exploring Estonian culture.

Do you know why Estonians sing all the time, what is flummery and how Estonians became who they are today? If not, check it out!

We’ve created an e-course designed to introduce you Estonian history and culture, and to support independent learning of the Estonian language on B level. The programme consists of 24 videos, 13 of which reflect Estonia’s history and 11 of which deal with contemporary topics. There are also exercises which help you remember what you have learned. Videos contain historical and cultural talks and animations. The talks are given by the renowned Estonian scholar and folklorist Marju Kõivupuu who has many exciting stories about a variety of cultural phenomena as well as facts about Estonians. We have also added a dictionary, exciting animations to illustrate the lectures and exercises, and comments. Our comments will explain the language used in the videos as well as different cultural phenomena, and will appear on the screen so that you can benefit from the lectures.

Our e-course will help you understand why Estonians are just who they are. What they eat, what they read, and what they cherish. If you want to know why all Estonians know the quote ” When Arno and his father arrived at the schoolhouse, classes had already started. “, what does ” ossi võtma” mean, or who is pharmacist Melchior, then this e-course is just for you!

This project was financed by the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the Integration and Migration Foundation “Our People”, and the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals.

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