FSE – electrical safety during offshore low-voltage works (e-course)

In cartoons, electricity seems to be a great source of fun! In real life, however, getting a jolt is far from funny. In order to avoid harm caused by electrical current it is important to take great care when working with anything that uses electricity. Fortunately we have plenty of experience which provides is with knowledge we can use to form rules and regulations regarding electricity.

FSE is the electrical safety regulations manual of Norway. In this course we examine why and how these regulations have been created, how they help prevent hazards, and how to choose an appropriate emergency response. This course helps electricians to learn to work more safely.

Altogether we have 6 FSE courses available. These are useful for employees who work with high or low voltage, onshore or offshore. In order to convey the course content most efficiently, our courses are available in 5 different languages: English, Estonian, Norwegian, Polish, and Russian.

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