ExBasic – explosion prevention for Norwegian industry (e-course)

Explosions are so cool in the movies!

In real life, however, we want people to get home alive and in one piece. Work in factories, gas stations, workshops and oilrigs mean constant exposure to flammable and explosive substances. The workers must therefore know exactly how hazards work and how to be protected against them.

In this course we take a thorough look at a field that involves extreme precision and responsibility: the safety of electrical works that take place in explosion-hazardous areas. To create the course content, we collaborated with an expert who conducts electrical works on an oil rig himself and who also trains others in safety. He helped us explain how the various methods and tools protect people and what the basic principles are behind safety rules.

We are truly proud of this course and know that each grain of knowledge gleaned from it will make the world a safer place. A very special acknowledgment of our skills is that many Norwegian companies have chosen to take this course instead of the traditional classroom-courses.

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