Employmnet Contract Act (e-course)

This free-of-charge e-handbook explains the new Employmnet Contract Act. Our task was to unravel the legal jumble into clear points in plain language and convey them to the user verbally, as well as visually.

The result shows a colourful environment where vibrant animated characters go about their business on the legislation landscape. There is the slightly officious Employer who always has a calculator and a hand-stamp in her purse; the fearless Employee who is the Jack of a dozen trades above and below ground, water and air; the sideburned Competitor in his suede suit; the Inspector whipping out a magnifying glass and book of regulations; not to mention the countless co-workers, offspring and livestock. Getting to know a law has never before been so easy and exciting.

We made the handbook in collaboration with the Estonian Trade Union Confederation. The project received funding from the European social fund.

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