Estonian language e-course

“Keeleklikk” (“The Tongue Click”) grew out of the nescessity to provide better Estonian-learning tools for the Russian-speaking locals. The further goal is to give people better chances in the job market and in the public life in general – by bringing the language learning right at their homes. Now the course is available for English-speaking people as well.

The first challenge in the course development was how to make the mandatory language training more appealing to the learners. We found our way in friendly comedy. The interactive exercises, cheerful videos and animated sketches effortlessly guide the learner from uttering the first words to the certainty of a language skill.
The course is being developed in collaboration with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and receives funding from the European social fund.

“Keeleklikk” has received an award from the Ministry of Education and Science, and also the European Commission’s Award for Contributions to the Development of Foreign Language Teaching.

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