90 percent of a company's activity happens in the media or with the help of the media these days. We have the know and the how for making the media turn to your benefit in return. We design your company's face - and if necessary, the voice. We create images, motion pictures and - if needed - build the entire world.



Sometimes it is difficult to choose how to convey information. When a photograph or a video express too little or too much then the best choice could be animation. There is no phenomena that could not be expressed via animation. Animation is suitable for both adults and children, and can be used to handle both serious and funny, educational and introductory material.

Before eliminating the idea of animation as a possible solution, it is worth noting that animation has very many subtypes, for example: animated film, puppet film, computer animation, collage, object-animation, and pixellation. This makes animation a very broad and useful tool for managing information.

ʺAnimaʺ which in Latin means ‘ʺsoulʺ, is a perfect word for expressing the essence of animation. We put our soul into every work of ours by choosing the most suitable illustrator’s handwriting, a good narrator’s voice, a skilful animator and sound editor – and as if by magic a new animated film is produced, the story and characters of which are part of our soul that we want to share with others.


Web pages

Our web builders possess the ideas and the skill to make you a website which, besides being a resort for the eye and easy on the mouse, deserves its place among many users’ bookmarks. No webjob is too trivial for us: be it the grand virtual tour, a simple web store, a product specification or lobbying for a project – we dedicate our time and attention with equal care.
If you come to us with an existing vision, we shall gladly help you analyze it and find the best methods for its materialization. If you are not yet sure what you might desire, we shall also come up with a bundle of start-up concepts for you to choose from.
We help to fine-tune the website texts and write some more if needed: all for the ultimate goal of broadcasting a clear, efficient message that makes your customers and partnes return for more.

  • Video


It’s the videos that really lighten up the show-off of your goods and services. A motion picture is worth a million words and bridges the gap whether it’s the physical distance that stands between your goods and your customer or whether the photographs are just not enough to give the full picture. In such cases the video can bring the people to a handshake range and the products into a closeup view.
Our director, camera crew and sound team help to capture your company’s and your products’ best aspects. We also provide the scriptwriting on demand and offer assistance on uploading and sharing the videos.



The presentations are like business cards in multimedia. They usually intertwine video, web design, text and sound into a panoramic view of your   activities – the perfect tool for business meetings as well as exhibitions. An engaging presentation keeps the viwer’s attention and delivers your message in a memorable and lasting manner.


Photo services

Our cameras shall capture your company, your products, your people for the website or presentation. We also bring the sylists and make up artists to make the best out of the photo shoot  and add the finishing touch with additional photo design.

  • Web ads & banners

Web banners

Ever since the ads broke their way into the Web, everyone has been racing to produce the most colourful, the most expensive and the biggest banners out there. We believe that the size and the price do not matter nearly as much as making the right ad for the right place. Our banners capture the eye in the flashing neon lights of an entertainment site as well as in the sophisticated landscape of analyzing journals.


We believe that a logo is but the company’s essence captured with the care and precision of a visual haiku. Our AD and the artists are skilled in setting the traps for capturing ideas and contents and then guide their trail on the blank paper. We shall add a dash of coulour and adjust the curves as needed before planting the logo in its proper place on a website, stationery or a business card.

  • 3D modelling

3D modelling

3D modelling lets you show not just the best side but all the best sides of your products. From the headquaters rear view, or the couture garments’ side angles to the underbelly information on the electronics – 3D models enable you to show all that with ease.

Company Image Package

Combining all our skill and knowledge we offer you the complete multimedia solution from logos and web design to company ads and presentations. We can help to shape the face of a newborn company as well as guiding the makeover for an old one.
The expert crew of AD, artists, directors and photographers will work with you to bring your dreams and visions into life while consulting you in the innovative ways to captivate the target audience.
The information abundance around us means that it take more than just plain old web page with a phone number to be seen out there. Whe shall channel your ideas and goals into the clear, refined message that gets delivered even among the loudest information noise.

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