Tiina Saar

My favorite part of working with Chiron Media was the flexible and personal working arrangements. This became evident, for example, in how meetings were arranged and in how the partners were included in the process. Trust and respect were present at all times. It was also important to me that they used top ranking experts in any given field, that weren’t just interested in getting the job done quickly. Equally important was the fact that they kept their promises throughout the process.

I learned a lot form this partnership. I got to fill a new role and take part in discussions. Everyone’s ideas were considered and we worked together to come up with the optimal solutions. This is the best way to achieve the best quality and a product that we can be really proud of: E-course on career counseling and job seeking

In any partnership and project there will be halts and crisis, but for the first time in my life I experienced that this did not lead to the project being put aside or neglected. Instead the team looked for solutions without blaming anyone for the situation.

This is how I will remember my cooperation with Chiron Media – lots of devotion and commitment, responsibility for one’s actions and dedication to reaching optimal results. To all new partners – Do not get discouraged by the bohemian-intellectual style of Chiron Media. Underneath the surface they are thorough and exact, and at some point all the pieces will fall into place – with great precision.

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