Work in progress

First to get their hands on the raw materials will be the writers and designers. They will build the verbal and conceptual foundation for the course. They will also provide a detailed description of the flow and functionality of the course; what the learner will see, hear and experience as they work their way through the course. Once again, we send the outline and descriptions to the client for approval before we move on.

Once the manuscript has been approved, an array of ideas will start their journey from concept to reality. Drawings, photos and videos are produced, actors will record the spoken words, and the animators and editors will take all of these materials and construct a living, speaking unit of content. The programmers assemble the polished components into the user interface. The flow of information passes from expert to expert who in turn apply their individual expertise along the way.  In this way the combined skill and knowledge of the team will shape the true e-learning experience.

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