Who is who

The next step is to put together a production team. Let’s have a look at our key players:

The Project manager will orchestrate the team’s moves and provide a steady flow of information between the client and the team.

The art director (AD) will be in charge of the visual and creative aspects of the course.

The copywriters will start deconstructing your vision and materials until they have a good grasp on the content. Then they will verbalize it in a way that makes it easy for the learner to understand. They will manage the verbal aspects of the course, and at the same time identify tasks and activities to further the learning process.

The designer will give the course its vision and shape. They will create the virtual landscape for the learner to navigate in order to acquire knowledge and solve problems.

The illustrators and photographers will capture the images that will illustrate the course contents.

The animators will add motion to the images.

The programmers are responsible for assembling the course contents, codes and components into a fully functional digital presentation.

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