Let’s meet!

First our specialists will sit down with you to get the project started and lay down the grand scheme. Together we take the time to clarify what your expectations and preferences are and, above all, what you want to achieve with this course. Once the main goal is set, we weigh the various options for realizing it. Should it be a video lecture or an action cartoon? A colourful game or a collection of puzzles?

During the first meeting we also decide on a plan for the collaboration. Who will be responsible for maintaining communication and how often will we meet? Will feedback be given by carrier pigeon or by hot air balloon? Will the meetings be scheduled by the stars of the winds? Will the results be presented piece by piece, or mixed together? We will address these, and other equally important questions, come up with milestones and a set deadline.

As soon as our common vision is defined the project will commence.


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